Josie Solomon

€‹Josie Thompson Solomon is the founder and creator of a non-profit organization called The 444 Project.  She shares a powerful story based on her own personal experiences and has helped bring greater understanding and awareness to the challenges of mental illness. 
She has interviewed and spoken to people all over the world asking what brings them joy since she herself has a hard time feeling it. She lives in darkness every day and yet through that same darkness, has found a way to share her very personal story. 
Even though Josie is still very much caught in the midst of her own adversity, the passion that she and her husband Brighton demonstrate for service and helping others is nothing short of miraculous. They have dedicated their lives to helping others find peace and hope and have touched hundreds through speaking engagements and humanitarian work.
In 2015 they turned The 444 Project into a non-profit organization. They have now traveled across the U.S., Italy and the Philippine'€™s interviewing and teaching people and now this inspiring young couple will once again take 40 volunteers to do another humanitarian service tour in Africa this coming summer. 
€‹As popular motivational speakers, Josie and Brighton have devoted their lives to serving and helping others. No matter what your trials in life may be, they will both help you learn how to find, embrace and utilize Joy by serving and reaching out to others.  Joy IS possible in darkness.  They will help you remember that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE HEALED TO HELP!
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